With the PDMS Kit you can repair the silicone lining of your 'Vat' or 'Tank' as they call it at Formlabs.
This means that you don't have buy a brandnew Tank everytime your lining gets blurred by 'ghosting'.
Just remove carefully the old lining, clean the tank and pour in a new layer, let it dry and, hey presto, your tank is like new again!
The PDMS kit contains 250gr of material, enough for 2 - 4 replacements of your Vat/Tank linings (depending on the layer thickness and the printertype)
Suitable for all machines with a PDMS (Silicone) Vat/Tank lining. (B9,Form1, Form1+,Form2 and the likes)

  • FEP film 130 x 190mm
    FEP film 130 x 190mm
    € 7,50
  • FEP film 190x240mm
    FEP film 190x240mm
    € 12,50
  • PDMS coating 250gr
    PDMS coating 250gr
    € 21,00
  • FEP film zelfklevend
    FEP film zelfklevend
    € 15,00
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