Our resins are used daily on the following printers:

  • B9 creator
  • Atum
  • Miicraft
  • Titan
  • Lumi
  • Gizmo
  • Ilios-ray
  • MuVe
  • Solid3d
  • Formlabs (all)
  • LittleRP
  • lots of "homemade" DLP & Laserprinters

The Snowwhite works on a Morpheus LED printer.

Our pigments were developed for the excellent Snowwhite resin but you can use them with Un-pigmented resin (Industrial), and of course in the Formlabs F1+ series.


LCD 3D printers

We have some customers testing our FunToDo Resins on LCD/LED printers. Turn out the unpigmented work well (industrial)
Also good results with snowwhite.

 LCD printer (DIY) 5s cure / 8,8s mean slice time / 0,05 layer height / 2hrs23m plate


NEW LCD/LED 3D printers are coming !

Check these out:

Wanhao D7                 € 495,- (available from june:  webshop)
Morpheus Delta           $ 649,-
TIP :  Kudo3d Bean      $ 199 - $ 399
Flashforge Hunter        € 3559,- (available june: webshop)


Formlabs 3D Printer

Our Funtodo formlabs F1+ resin is designed for the Formlabs F1 and F1+ printers. Lots of customers worldwide use the Funtodo F1+ resin daily on the formlabs printers.

The Formlabs F2 is a bit different, but the Funtodo F1+ resin is also used in this printer by a lot of users. Allthough designed for the F1 and F1+ Formlabs, it works. You need a bit of patience and testing, but it saves you money.

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