The Castable Blend has been designed to cast your pieces in bronze, copper, tin or iron using standard vacuum investment casting methods and settings. It is an Ideal resin for casting pieces of art, Toy models, machine parts. The fully cured resin has a hardness of 73 shore D.

Available in Red only.


Flash Burnout Schedule For Castable Blend

For this burnout schedule a simple Paragon SC2 kiln was used.
Preheat the Kiln to 850 Centigrade.
30 minutes after mixing the investment, put the mould straight into the hot kiln.
Keep it at 850 C for 1 hour 30 minutes.
After that drop to 485 Centigrade as quickly as the kin will allow. Hold at 485 for 15 minutes and cast.
The flasks used are 75mm diameter and 75mm high.
A centrifugal casting machine was used.

  • FunToDo Castable Blend
    FunToDo Castable Blend
    € 65,70
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