Outstanding properties of our PVDF-C filament include:

  • Gebruikstemperatuur tot 150ºC
  • Geschikt voor langdurig gebruik in o.a. HCl, H2SO4, HF en HBr
  • UV resistent, jarenlang gebruik in zonlicht zonder verlies van eigenschappen
  • Lage wrijvings- coëfficiënt
  • Geschikt voor sterilisatie met gamma straling
  • Zero flame spread
  • Ion extraction at ppb levels
  • USP Class VI
  • Traceerbaar
  • ISO 10993-5-2009 Biocompatible

There are no perfect materials for every 3D printing application.  However,  Fluorinar™ filament will provide high-quality prints for prototypes, one-off prints or small production runs> These prints can be used in environments which exceed the capabilities of other 3D print materials. When you need Kynar® PVDF, nothing else will work.

Our PVDF filament is a low surface energy material so it does not adhere well to most surfaces.  Print adhesion can be tough to get unless you know one thing: Elmer’s disappearing purple glue stick.  Apply this adhesive evenly to a clean glass print surface.  Heat the printing bed to 100 C and extrude the Fluorinar™ filament at 240 – 260 C.  Print speed can be set between 10 – 40 mm/s.  Turn off the print surface cooling fans and get ready to see results as good as any other material available today. 

Unlike other advanced polymers, printing with Fluorinar™ filament can be done on consumer-grade equipment at a material price that won’t break the bank.  Contact us today and order a filament test sample and get ready to expand your printing possibilities.