FTD Dentifix3d HR+ dlp/lcd

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DENTIFIX modelling HR is the most accurate and affordable dental resin in the market!

This resin is perfect for impressions related to Dental applications (Dental models, alignment, contention Gutter, EMI or half dental arcade, crowns, Bridges etc....) It can be used for any other applications requiring a high accuracy of the model.

  • Precision : The resin Dentifix-3d Modelling HR Plus is 30 percent more precise than the original formula and allows to print models with a very high level of detail and a precision up to 35 microns in Z
  • Smooth Surface : With a smooth surface and an almost matte and opaque color, the Dentifix-3d modelling HT resin is close to traditional gypsum
  • One color: Carefully defined by dental technicians for more effective work on your models with less fatigue for your eyes.

Why ?

The idea was to create a high-performance, affordable dental-model resin!!.
The color of this resin has been validated by dental technicians to bring out the details and facilitate laboratory work. The light of the laboratories can greatly strain the eyes when it is reflected on the model hanging the creation of your dental orthotics (screed, Crown, chassis, gutter, ELN, circuit breaker etc...).

The surface state of this resin is very smooth after printing and its hardness allows it to take very important angles to optimize the quality of printing and limit the failures when printing dental models.

You could obviously create your dental alignment models with this resin and have a very strong retention of the girl in order to increase the comfort of use of the patient during his treatment.

This resin is compatible with the LCD and DLP printer type

  • Anycubic Photon
  • MOAI

Dentifix-3d Modelling product property:

Although the properties of this table are accurate, Dentifix-3d cannot make any warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the properties obtained by using this product.
Product properties may change without notice. 


Dental Modeling



Viscosity at 25c

95 MPas


81 Shore D

Exposure Energy

18 MJ/cm2

Max. Cure Depth



0.02-0.085 mm

Tensile Strength

45 MPA

Elongation at break





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