Form 1, 1+
To use our F1+ resins on the Form1 or the Form1+ use the right colour setting (e.g. Grey for Grey) then choose FLGPGR01 in the software. Although the F1+ blends are tuned for 0.05mm they will work perfectly on 0.1mm as well as on 0.02mm.

The Formlabs F2 is a bit different, but the Funtodo F1+ resin is also used in this printer by a lot of users. Allthough designed for the F1 and F1+ Formlabs, it works. You need a bit of patience and testing, but it saves you money.

TIPS for Funtodo F1+ resin in the Formlabs 2:
the FTD resin is more liquid
use: open mode, grey for grey etc..