We offer 4 PVDF 3D filaments:

  1. Fluorinar PVDF-H         monofilament 100% pure Kynar, natural white
  2. Fluorinar PVDF-C         co-polymere, natural white
  3. Fluorinar PVDF-CB       Black
  4. Fluorinar PVDF-C-ESD  Black with graphene


  • PVDF (PolyVinyliDeneFluoride) is available in 1.75 and 2.85mm
  • PVDF-C is a bit more flexible than PVDF-H
  • PVDF-H has high shrinkage and is more difficult to print than PVDF-C
  • PVDF-C is ideal for large and/or solid parts

Fluorinar PVDF-C is : ISO 10993-5-2009 Biocompatible



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