Light link PVDF-Kynar resin

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Light Link™ SLA Resin Made With Kynar® PVDF is a novel photopolymer resin for use in DLP & SLA 3D printers at 405nm. Light Link™ combines the high resolution of SLA/DLP 3D printing with the material properties of PVDF. Compatible with most DLP, LCD, LED, SLA, MSLA, and light-based 3D printers at 405nm wavelength.

Light Link™ Mechanical Properties Surpass Most Commercial ABS-Like Resins.

Light Link™ emits low-odor, prints with ease, and uses convenient post-processing methods. Light Link™ was formulated for low shrinkage and easy removal from the build plate. Light Link™ imbues prints with a beautiful, glossy-white color. Printed parts have scratch resistant properties. Wash with IPA and post-cure with UV light, like all other 3D printed resins. There are no special printer settings or accessories required to print Light Link™ 3D printer resin. No matter the printing task at hand, Light Link™ excels at making precision prints.

Available in 0.5 & 1 kilogram quantities of UV photopolymer resin. Always shake well before use. Store at 15-25 °C.

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