Filoalfa Bioflex antibacterial flexible filament

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BIOFLEX Antibacterial by FILOALFA® is a flexible filament with excellent mechanical characteristics.Thanks to its ease of printing and pleasant surface effect, it will be the perfect material for various applications.

It will amaze you thanks to an incredible elastic memory and durability over time.

BIOFLEX Antibacterial is resistant to bacterial growthfor both Gram + and Gram-, and tested in accordance with ISO 846 and can come into contact with food according to EN10 / 2011 Standard. It does not contain metal ions nor does it release any element in nano or micro form into water.

The bacterial reduction result is greater than 80% for both Gram + and Gram-



+ Flexible and durable (35 sh / D)
+ Relatively simple to print
+ Suitable for Medical certification
+ non-toxic and odorless
  • 210ºC - 230ºC  extruder
  • 0-60ºC bed
  • fan off
  • low speed (±20mms)
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