Filoalfa ABS-3D FC by ELIX

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From the collaboration with ELIX Polymers, born this new filament was realized and optimized for 3D printing, the first to be part of the Ultimaker Material Alliance program.

In fact the material is parameterized for (it is possible to be more specific? Elevations put for Ultimaker printers) Ultimaker: the best printing results with the least effort.

Thus, a medical grade is added to the FILOALFA® range. An ABS with high performance and great ease of printing whose granule is certified for the standard biocompatibility for contact with food and medical applications. In compliance with the following reference standards:

- Biocompatible: ISO 10993-1 USP Class VI
- Food contact approved material acc. EU No 10/20111 and 21 CFR FDA

A very special material that will never cease to amaze you. FILOALFA® recommends ABS-3d FC Elix for technical and high precision applications.


  • 230ºC - 250ºC  extruder
  • 80-100ºC bed
  • fan off
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