Creatbot D600 Pro PEEK printer

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Creatbot D600 Pro


3D print with the CreatBot D600 Pro very large and complex parts and objects. The D600 Pro is an industrial high temperature 3D printer with a very high manufacturing quality and enormously large heated installation space (60x60x60 cm). Use it to produce high-quality and sophisticated components additive.
Main features of the CreatBot D600 Pro 3D printer:


  • Extruder heatable to 260°C hotend(left) and 420°C hotend(right), heated construction platform and construction chamber heated to 70 ° C – Minimized warping
  • Extremely large installation space of 600x600x600 mm & industrial extruder guide for optimum quality
  • Simple control via 4.3" touch display & warm filament drying chamber
  • Set 3D prints after a power outage easily – save costs, time and nerves


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