Thermec-ZED Printservice

Printing Thermec-zed is a little bit more challenging. You need a printing (nozzle) temperture of 300º-330ºC and a printbed temperature of ±100ºC.
Not all printers can reach these temperatures.
Or maybe you just don't want to experiment.....let us do the job.

Send us your STL-file or questions: thermeczedprintservice



Resistance in continuous temperature (without load) up to 200 ° C
Very high chemical resistance. There are no known solvents in degrees to attack it under 200 ° C.
Exceptional resistance to petrol.
Intrinsically self-extinguishing with very low flame propagation. (classified V0 according to UL94)
Modifiable to make it conductive or low coefficient of friction and wear resistant.
Easily processable (simpler than an ABS in print and with LESS warping)
Restricted window between processing temperature and solidification.
Very high dimensional stability
Machinability as a metal with machine tools and very high resilience values
Paintable and Sandable to improve the surface finish
It shows a ductile and not fragile fracture
Exceptional adhesion between the layers. NO DELAMINATION.

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