PVDF Parts: No Experience Necessary

Some people want to get the filament and start printing. Others just want to focus on the finished part and have no interest in the printing details. We get it. Now you can receive your Kynar® PVDF 3D printed parts without becoming an expert in filaments or printers. 3Dogg offers prototype and low-volume production parts made from our Fluorinar-H™ or Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® PVDF filaments.  

Kynar® PVDF 3D prints provide:

  • outstanding chemical resistance
  • long-term performance in UV and gamma radiation
  • In high-purity, low-extraction applications that require a USP Class VI material nothing performs better than Kynar® PVDF
  • Kynar® PVDF has been tested on the front lines for more than 50 years in the chemical process, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. There are never any failure surprises since the material properties are well known.


PVDF-C  data sheet
PVDF-C  chemische resistentie lijst op aanvraag: [email protected]