Wie druckt mann PVDF Filament?

Our Fluorinar-PVDF is easy to print on any FDM printer with a heated bed.

We offer 4 types of PVDF-Kynar® filament:

The C-types:

  • Fluorinar-C        (natural-white)
  • Fluorinar-CB      (black)
  • Fluorinar-C-ESD (with Graphene, black)

The H-type

  • Fluorinar-H    (pure Kynar®)

C stands for copolymer and H for homopolymer (monopolymer). The difference is purity, chemical resistance and temperature resistance.

H-type is simply a bit more resistant to chemicals and a slightly higher temperature.
( If you need them : we have datasheets.)

The PVDF-C-types print very easy:

  1. nozzle 250ºC
  2. bed 100ºC
  3. speed 20>
  4. use a glass bed
  5. no cooling
  6. Elmer's purple glue (comes FREE with every order)
  7. you can print large objects without problems
  8. very small objects: print 2 simultaniously, you get nice smooth results
  9. heated enclosure not needed
  10. it prints without WARPING !!

The PVDF-H type is more challenging to print:

  1. nozzle 250ºC
  2. bed 100ºC
  3. speed ± 15-20mms
  4. use glass bed
  5. Elmer's purple glue
  6. print with a brim, the larger the print ; the larger the brim
  7. large prints are difficult, warping may occur
  8. smaller prints are easier to print
  9. PVDF-H likes it HOT, so NO cooling
  10. heated enclosure helps


Maybe you don't want to print yourself or you do not have a 3D printer?
We can print for you. Prototypes or small production ?

Send me an email, and you get a response ASAP!
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