PVDF-CB Filament 1kg schwarz

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Polyvinylidene fluoride, or polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) is a highly non-reactive and pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer produced by the polymerization of vinylidene difluoride.

PVDF is a specialty plastic material in the fluoropolymer family; it is used generally in applications requiring the highest purity, strength, and resistance to solvents, acids, bases and heat and low smoke generation during a fire event. Compared to other fluoropolymers, it has an easier melt process because of its relatively low melting point of around 177 °C.

It has a low density (1.78 g/cm3) compared to the other fluoropolymers. It is available as piping products, sheet, tubing, films, plate and an insulator for premium wire. It can be injected, molded or welded and is commonly used in the chemical, semiconductor, medical and defense industries, as well as in lithium ion batteries. It is also available as a crosslinked closed cell foam, used increasingly in aviation and aerospace applications.

print at ± 250ºC (not over 260ºC)
glass bed 100ºC
use elmer’s disappearing purple glue stick
maximize contact area of the part to the bed
print with brim, single layer 10-15mm
layer height 0.1-0.2mm
speed 10-30mm/s
fan off !

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