PLA + uDiamond

Nanodiamond enhanced 3D filament

Carbodeon uDiamond® PLA (polylatic acid) is a high-performance diamond enhanced 3D printing filament. It contains functionalized nanodiamond particles. Nanodiamonds are spherical and act as lubricant in the filament extrusion, causing no increase in nozzle wear. The enhanced thermal conductivity of the material enables printing speed up to 500mm/s. The diamond particles also reinforce the polymer structure, improving the stiffness, strength and adhesion between printed layers. The filament is suitable for consumer-grade and professional FDM/FFF 3D printers. Combination of stiffness, strength, wear resistance and unique thermal features make it the #1 PLA for functional mechanical prints.


If you don't want to print it yourself, or have no acces to a 3D printer, we can do it for you.
We offer prinservice with this special material.

You can send your (STL) file by email (max. 10mb) or wetransfer.
We will respond asap. (Confidential offcourse !)

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