FEP film for DLP / SLA printers

Also known as: Teflon.
We offer FEP film for DLP printers.


PDMS coating

With the PDMS Kit you can repair the silicone lining of your 'Vat' or 'Tank' as they call it at Formlabs.
This means that you don't have buy a brandnew Tank everytime your lining gets blurred by 'ghosting'.
Just remove carefully the old lining, clean the tank and pour in a new layer, let it dry and, hey presto, your tank is like new again!
The PDMS kit contains 250gr of material, enough for 2 - 4 replacements of your Vat/Tank linings (depending on the layer thickness and the printertype)
Suitable for all machines with a PDMS (Silicone) Vat/Tank lining. (B9,Form1, Form1+,Form2 and the likes)


Resin VAT (tank)

Resins vats (tanks) for Wanhao D7 & Anycubic Photon



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  • PDMS coating 250gr
    PDMS coating 250gr
    € 21,00
  • FEP film 100micron 130 x 190mm
    FEP film 100micron 130 x 190mm
    € 4,95
  • FEP film 100micron 13x19cm, set 3x
    FEP film 100micron 13x19cm, set 3x
    € 11,53
  • FEP film 100micron A4
    FEP film 100micron A4
    € 14,55
  • TEK 1969
    TEK 1969
    € 12,00
  • Wanhao D7 resin tank/vat
    Wanhao D7 resin tank/vat
    € 49,75
  • TEK 1960
    TEK 1960
    € 18,60
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