Our resins are used daily on the following printers:

  • B9 creator
  • wanhao D7
  • anycubic photon
  • sparkmaker
  • flashforge
  • Morpheus
  • Atum
  • Miicraft
  • Titan
  • Lumi
  • Gizmo
  • 3D systems projet 1200
  • Ilios-ray
  • MuVe
  • Solid3d
  • Formlabs F1
  • LittleRP
  • lots of "homemade" DLP & Laserprinters

SLA or Laserprinters: 

  • FunToDo  F1+
  • FunToDo  Dentifix-3D
  • Formlabs F1
  • Moai

The Snowwhite and Castable work on a Morpheus LED printer.

Our Funtodo pigments were developed for the excellent Snowwhite resin but you can use them with Un-pigmented resin (Industrial & Standard), and of course in the Formlabs F1+ series.

LCD 3D printers

We have some customers testing our FunToDo Resins on LCD/LED printers. Turn out the unpigmented work well (industrial)
Also good results with snowwhite.

 LCD printer (DIY) 5s cure / 8,8s mean slice time / 0,05 layer height / 2hrs23m plate


Formlabs 3D Printer

Our Funtodo formlabs F1+ resin is designed for the Formlabs F1 and F1+ printers. Lots of customers worldwide use the Funtodo F1+ resin daily on the formlabs printers.

The Formlabs F2 is a bit different, but the Funtodo F1+ resin is also used in this printer by a lot of users. Allthough designed for the F1 and F1+ Formlabs, it works. You need a bit of patience and testing, but it saves you money.

To the F1+ resins 


Storage & temperatures FTD resins

The working temperature of our resins is between 16C and 32C. We have several resins which are less viscous, like SW, DB and all the F1+ blends. Shipping temperature as well as the storage temperature are of no consequence, just warm the bottles to the normal working temperature and mix well. The fluctuation in temperature will only influence the shelf life.


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